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Office  (610) 272-7600  †  Fax   (610) 272-5793
Request Lines  (610) 277-9449  †  NJ & DE Toll Free Request Line (800) 887-WNAP
Sun 7:30am Rev. Milburn
Temple of Christ Church
700 Tabor Road
Philadelphia, PA 19120

Sun 8:00am  Pastor Herbert H. Lusk, II
Greater Exodus Baptist Church
704 N. Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Sun 8:30am
Bishop Derek Williams
Shiloh Apostolic Temple, Inc.
1516-34 W. Master Street
Phila, PA 19121

Sun 9:00am  Bishop Angelo Brown
Tabernacle of Prayer, Faith and Deliverance
P.O. Box 30031
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Sun 9:30am  Bishop John T. Leslie, Jr.
Church of Jesus Christ
3456 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington,DC 20002

Sun 10:00am  Bro. Dale Richardson
The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith, Inc.
4833 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Sun 11:00am Dr. J. L. Felton (Live)
6401 Ogontz Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19150

Sun 12:00pm  Bishop David G. Evans (Live)
Abundant Harvest Hour
Bethany Baptist Church
1115 Gibbsboro Rd
Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Sun 3:00pm  Bishop Roddy Shelton
The Church of the Lord Jesus
444 W. Penn St
Phila, PA 19144

Sun 4:00pm  Rev. Jeff Gaskin
Living Waters Christian Center
7617 Lycoming Ave.
Elkins Park, PA 19029